Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'll Take a Box of Thin Mints Please...

When I wear this outfit I either feel like a character from Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" (which feels really good) or I feel as if I should be asking you how many boxes of thin mints you would like (A more peculiar feeling).

It was one of those outfits that was made in a flurry of "I have nothing to wear!" panic. While that usually ends in a poorly made, ill fitting garment this one actually came out perfectly. I even took the time to interface, line and make the matching tie - adorned with the perfect vintage button.

Because I was so pleased with it I ended up wearing it on a date with a very handsome man. I felt like a million dollars. Since then it has been my go to outfit for any first meetings, good impression makings, in need of confidence boostings etc.

Do you have any go to ensembles like that?

I found about 3 metres of this fabric for $6 dollars at a second hand shop. I can't believe I "ummed" and "Ahhhed" over it for so long and then nearly put it back. Sometimes I questions my own mind! Obviously my sanity came back just in time for me to purchase it. Good Girl, Molly.

It is a home decor weight printed twill that looks as though it was from the 70's.

I'm sure you will find that it gets made up many times in various fabrics. I say that only because I know for a fact that it has a pink wool twin sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be photographed.

Both the Skirt and Tie are self drafted and so simple and fun to make up!

While its been quiet on the blog front, my hands have been ever busy. I've taken an exciting venture into the world of knitting! Its slow moving, but terribly addicting. I can't wait to share my projects with you!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Year, New Dress

And now it's April and I'm only just getting around to showing it to you.

I whipped this number up in such a flurry! My New Years plans were still up in the air until the day before, so I ended up making it the day of. Sadly that means it's quality took a serious hit! but none the less, it's still wearable.

You may not be able to tell but this dress is made up from four different types of fabric. The yardage is insane, and I didn't have enough black in my stash in the same quality. So I literally used every different black I could lay my hands on. It's an odd mix of Elastane/Cotton/Wool, Rayon, Poly Georgette and then the lovely silk printed panelling.

I actually got the silk from work. It was a print strike off that was rejected. It was later altered minutely and put it into production.
A week ago I wore it to work, much to everyone's confusion."did we do that style?" "I don't remember that one!" - Nope, this is all me! (As said proudly by any seamstress just dying for someone to ask her where her dress is from.)

If you have an amazing memory, you'll remember this dress from this post.

The hem has dropped massively on the wool side, as the fabric is so heavy; particularly in contrast to the sheer lightness of the silk on the other side. But lets just call it artistic and keep that been you and I.

I actually haven't worked with silk before. It was seriously difficult! Damn, that stuff moves about like crazy. It's as if it was trying to avoid my scissors! Can anyone offer me any tips on cutting silk without it running away?

I used India tape in the hem and seams on the silk side  in a bid to try to weight it down, and also to prevent any seam slippage around the hips. I'm not sure if it did anything really, but physiologically I feel like its more sturdy.

Despite its hodge-podge-ness (Yes, that is a word ) it's a very fun dress to wear. It's nearly a full circle and has tremendous body in the skirt. Everyone here knows I'm an absolute sucker for a swishy dress that blows around dramatically as I walk. Clearly I fancy myself a princess.

Well, no more sewing for at least a week for me now. I'm getting all packed up and ready for move day next weekend. I'm very much looking forward to it. That said I have a few more things up my sleeve to share with you shortly, Maybe even the next "Wicked Stitch".

Until Then,


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Australian Autumn

The calender tells me that it is officially Autumn, 12 days in in fact  The weather outside tells another story; humid, 27 Degrees and indecisive between sun and rain.

Although I live in a country that has undefined seasons, I can't help but get swept up in the ideals of Autumn, the chill that will soon inhabit the air, the changing of leaves, the autumnal colour spectrum. To me it also says saddle back shoes, tweed blazers and the ability to wear stockings again without passing out from the heat.

There is so much I want to create for Autumn/Winter but as previously mentioned my sewing has taken a massive hit due to recent moves and space changes. That said everything is being packed up AGAIN to move AGAIN. Ah, the inconsistencies of youth! So the sewing scene is looking pretty dismal. Fingers crossed that it will soon all settle and I can happily sit at my sewing machine again.

A girl can only dream though, and if I somehow manage find the time; this is what I plan to channel -

You might notice much of it is sweater heavy, and no I haven't become a whiz on the needles over night; rather I have been doing a little study and inspirational research for my new job. As you may recall I was ranting on about my high hopes for a new career, and ladies and gentlemen its finally happened. In 12 days I will be starting a new job as a Womenswear Design Assistant, working primarily with knitwear. Golly, I am excited. It is only a short contract, but none the less I plan on making the most of it!

I fully acknowledge that all my posts, while also having the disadvantage of being few and far between, have been very word heavy. I really hope I'm not boring you, But believe it or not I have actually done some sewing, which I pinky promise to show you very shortly. Somehow in the last move I managed to misplace my camera's battery charger, but don't distress, it has been located!

For those on this side of the hemisphere - what are you Autumn plans? and those on the other side (who seem to be stuck in a perpetual winter) dare I ask - have you started on your Spring wardrobes?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've been up to something..

Instagram! This was one trend I never saw myself jumping on board with. It would take me a world of time just to get around to taking pictures of my sewing creations let alone daily snaps of my life! But lo and behold, I signed up and I am not ashamed to admit that I am totally addicted!

Here's a sneak peek at what I have been up to...

Feel free to follow me. My username is @Molly88.

You may even see some sewing projects in the works!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Molly's "Musings"

I've  been a little at odds with blogging recently. It always comes in ebbs and flows for me; I most certainly don't fancy myself much of a dedicated blogger. None the less my wee little blog has always been very important to me. I've managed to stick with it now for 2 years; and that somewhat of a feat for me!

By the end of 2012 I had lost much of my sewing inspiration. I moved houses and said goodbye to my enormous sewing space. My fabric got packed up in boxes and put out of arms reach, my machine was put in one room, while my sewing box, patterns and haberdashery in another. It all just became too hard. That wasn't the only thing that changed. I'm just going to say it folks, I got bored. Bored with my blog, bored with its look and yes, a little bored with vintage.

I honestly don't even remember the last time I wore my petticoat (Gasp!)

So I sat back and had a good hard think about what I wanted to do with my sewing, and with myself in 2013 and nothing came.

Call it Serendipity but just then, I stumbled upon Fleur's Post over at Diary of a Vintage girl. Did you read it?

Fleur's words resonated with me, so I left a comment. Initially intended as a few supportive words; Instead my feelings towards my own blog just started pouring out.

This is what I said -

Thanks so much for sharing Fleur, I always enjoy your musings. I have been feeling much the same; though I've just sat back and watched as my own blogging becomes sparser and sparser. Christmas time almost saw me give it up for ever! But then 2013 came, and like you I felt a little bit of new hope. I often feel that a blog brands us with an identity, one that we have created for ourselves, but when we want to steer away from that Identity we feel as if we're betraying our readers; for you I can imagine this is even more so. In the end though, we blog about our lives for ourselves, as an outlet - so we can write, photograph, communicate and entertain. Do what makes you happy; and if that means word heavy posts and less dresses, so be it, even if it means temporarily "re-branding". I will read them, and happily so. After all, we all grow and change, both in our lives and in our interests and styles; its only natural that our blogs should reflect this.

Much Love and support,
Molly x

I had realized that the reason I was bored with my blog and with vintage was because that it had become unchallenging to me.

Now keep in mind, this is ME talking, and everything I say must be taken with a grain of salt. I love vintage, I always will. Its the glamour and the femininity that will never lose my favour; but when it comes to sewing vintage, my interest has wandered. I want to branch out, to go a little wacky, to try bold, tailored modern, gypsy bohemian - Who knows. I DO know certain vintage silhouettes will always influence me - but I just don't think I want to dedicate my life to them anymore.

I have always been afraid of being pigeonholed. I almost stopped wearing vintage when everyone around me started calling it "my style". While I was pleased that my style was noticeable, I was so afraid that I had become predictable. This behaviour may have a bit to do with why I find it so hard to choose a career path.

In the end I think its time for a little change. Change is good; exciting. I'm not entirely sure what that entails just yet. But I can smell it on the horizon. Its January 2013 now. I have very high hopes for this year. Not just for this blog, but for my career and for the creative challenges I plan to set myself.

Do you have any plans for change this year? I would love to hear about them!


Friday, January 4, 2013

The Year That Was...

Well, what an odd little year that was. I'll be the first to admit that it most certainly wasn't the year of productive blogging! With a mere 30 posts over a whole year, one could say I was a little distracted...

It was the year that saw me design and sample up a range of  "deluxe lined hoodies" for an innovation company - and consequently become the master of the welt pocket.

It saw me as a reviewer for the Sydney Fringe Festival (you can read my reviews here and here if you like).

and move houses.

It was only 2 blocks away, but it meant saying goodbye to all my beloved sewing space.

It was the year I cat sat - 

Miss Nelly

Crazy Kiki
Partied Underwater - 

and started 2 new fashion internships on top of my full time job.

It was the year I entered the Tessuti Awards competition.

Rode the Zig Zag Railway

and made Gnocchi from scratch for the first time

It was the year that I saw my own dress in a REAL BOOK in my local Bookstore

(the pale blue dress and the bottom)

Sewed and shipped 7 skirts and 8 collars to be sold in a darling boutique in Zurich, Switzerland

 Dotti's Boutique - Isn't it just beautiful!? 

And become a Cat, A princess and an Evil Witch.

It saw times in the City - 

And times by the Sea - 

It was the year of merriment with family,

and the embracing of the New Year with Friends - 

And yet after all that I feel like it was my most unproductive year so far. With that said, its been a year of change, a year of transition and most importantly a year of inspiration. It has set me up for 2013, hopefully a year of productivity, success and happiness and I'm thoroughly excited to get started with it.

I sincerely hope that this is not only "my year" but yours too. I look forward to sharing the adventure!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Hiatus

And in the blink of an eye, it's Christmas time all over again! How did that happen?

I also just moved houses 3 weeks ago, so things have been a little mad and I must digress there has been little to no Christmas sewing going on around here!

None the less I'm looking forward to short break from work to settle nicely into my new home, and hopefully enjoy a little of this on and off again summer that we're having.

So until next time, Merry Christmas to you all and have a happy New Year!

Much Love xx

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