Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Christmas Blues

This dress was one of many projects I completed over the Christmas break, it is most certainly my favourite, and also the only one that I got to keep.

I used an easy vogue pattern which I bought March last year when I first started learning how to sew. Deeming it too difficult, it got pushed to the bottom of the pattern box and forgotten. Come Christmas time I decided to make dresses for my friends for christmas. I had found a fantastic roll of mystery blue silk like fabric at St. Vinnies - close to 15 metres for a mere $7 and now just needed the perfect patterns. I figured if we were all going to have dresses in the same fabric, they must at least be different patterns. I dug out a few 50's full skirt patterns and Tadah! there was the easy vogue with the pretty bow back.

Just bewteen you and me, this dress was actually destined for another. However, upon trying it on I felt it was simply to perfect to part with, it fit like a glove - it was to be MY new christmas dress (sorry Mel!). So, with 5 hours left of christmas eve I got busy cutting, pinning and stitching and churned out another for her present.

I eagerly await the day we all show up in our matching blue ensembles, the sydney version of the Van Trapp girls.


  1. It's gorgeous! Love the back, and the shoes :)

  2. As a fellow Molly, I wish I had thought of Molly-Made first! :)

  3. I love this dress. You are so lucky for having found this wonderful fabric! Just found your blog and am definitely a follower now.
    P.S.: Thanks for your wonderful compliment on my house sewing box! :)

  4. My nickname as a little girl used to be Molly! And this dress is very pretty. I love your idea of creating a sewing blog this year... I'm attempting the same thing - only problem being that I can't sew, haha. Sewing takes a lot of time; planning and sewing. In my case also fixing fixing and altering.

    I'm going to stop by your blog every day to see if there's anything new. :) GOOD LUCK!

  5. just beautiful...what a gorgeous colour too. Great job!

  6. This dress is just stunning and you are a smashing girl in it!

    Love how you spoil yourself with such great Birthday and Christmas prezzies!


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