Monday, August 29, 2011

GIVEAWAY winner!

Or shall I say winners!

I wrote all the entrants names on small pieces of paper and drew them from a hat.

Be in fate, or my over enthusiastic hat shaking - but two papers were stuck together and drawn together.

So, luckily, and happily I would  like to announce the two winners for the Molly-Made, With Love GIVEAWAY.

Congratulations Veronica (A.K.A Ron McQuade) from Dresses on a Clothesline and Andrea Lauren from Paper Sparrow.

I will be in contact shortly.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Fifties Fair

Last weekend Karlie, Natasha and I went to the Fifties Fair as Rose Seidler House. Although we were threatened by ominous grey clouds throughout the day, we managed to stay dry, do a little shopping and have a lovely picnic.

The fair was packed, and as a result we didn't take many picture whilst in the grounds, for fear of them ending up being pictures of just the crowd!

But here are the few snaps we did take -

Karlie, The 50's bombshell!

I made a new dress for the occasion (of course!) and paired it with my red wool 1940's jacket (40s at a 50s fair - Gasp!) that I finally finished.

I will be back with some more detailed pictures of the jacket and dress and all the delightful sewing nitty gritty!

And be sure to enter my giveaway - I will be drawing the winner tonight! YAY!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Browsing The Blogosphere

Its a dreary, rainy day here in Sydney and although I'm working diligently on a few fun projects in my sewing room, I have nothing to show you just yet.

I do, however, have some lovely links I found on my travels through the blogosphere this week, that I would love to share with you -

  • Leila Audrey, fellow Sydney blogger, sums up my feelings towards the colour Red in this short and sweet post.
  • Erica Lugo, An illustrator who's blog I follow, has started a side project for fashion sketching, with the hopes of posting a new drawing everyday. Her lovely sketches have inspired me to start practising mine again.
  • Natasha Foster has posted some great new pictures, most of which were taken on our trip to the Hunter valley.
  • Quincy is looking adorable in this nautical 40's number, and the little twirling Gif. at the end of the post is a one way ticket to absolute cute-ville!
I hope you enjoyed your fridays dose of delicious eye candy and have a wonderful fun filled weekend! x

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Molly-Made, With love GIVEAWAY!

My word, do I have some exciting news! I would like to announce the BIG grand opening for my little Etsy shop!

I’m terribly excited. I have been working on this for a little while now, but its taken until now for me to pull together all the final bits and bobs.

My little shop will be selling darling detachable Peter Pan collars in a variety of colours and fabrics. My collars, named after old world movie starlets, feature my hand embroidery!
But before you cringe and remember “thisI promise I have come leaps and bounds with my hand stitches. I’ve been busily, and happily practicing away, and I fear that it has become somewhat of an addiction.

My first range of embroidered collars feature nautical symbols such as anchors and ship wheels. I will also be offering custom monogrammed collars (my favourite!)

So without out further adieu, I would like you to meet “Molly Made, With love

Natasha and I took all the photo’s at Sydney’s Luna Park. Well, outside, since they kicked us out for not having “authorized permission to take professional photographs” shme! Despite that, it was a load of fun! I bought 12 balloons for the occasion (and caught the train there with them, alone) because all grand openings need balloons and we took pictures all around the 1930’s theme park. I got asked so many times how much I was selling the balloons for. Yet, in the end, when I was trying to give them away for free! No one wanted them!

It was also the first “warmer” day we have had in a while, and I managed to wear a tee shirt without being cold! ah, the joys of sunshine.

I also got to wear my new “Here Comes the Sun” skirt, which was so fitting for the shoot and the day. I was so happy with the way all the photographs turned out that I used them to re-style my blog, did you notice? what do you think?

Now, the good part -  did you notice the word “giveaway” in giant capital letters in this posts subject line? That right!  I’m so excited about my collars (if you couldn’t tell that already) that I’m offering either a personalized monogrammed collar, or a nautical themed collar of your choosing. All you have to do is take a peek at my new store and leave a comment on this post before Midnight on Friday 26th of August stating which one you would choose, if you won. Be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you, should you be the lucky winner. The winner will be selected by the good old fashioned method of drawing a name from a hat (and a cute hat at that)
Good Luck! x

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project of the Week!

I'm simply just too excited not to share this with you all - My "Here Comes the Sun" skirt was featured on the Burdastyle homepage as Member Project of the Week!

This certainly made my day! I was so excited when I checked my computer this morning that I nearly knocked over my tea! Eeep!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! x

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