Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snail Mail

I got a present in the mail today, granted I did buy it for myself, but that makes it none the less exciting. It was even more exciting because it took so long to get here that I had completely forgotten I bought it. To my happy surprise this is what I unwrapped:

Two fantastic patterns from Eva Dress - Pattern Retrospective! EvaDress is great, they sell reproduced vintage patterns. I'm constantly coming across amazing vintage patterns online, only to be disappointed that they are the wrong size (I know I should learn how to re-size, but it sounds so scary!). The awesome thing about the patterns from Eva Dress is they come resized and available to everyone. Really, it's such a good idea and I'm very surprised there are not more shops doing this.

Initially I came across this pattern company when reading a post by Debi, a 40's sewing expert. At the time I was on the search for the perfect 40's style nightgown and had been for several months. I've been promising to make one for my mum for nearly a year now, but could never find anything that seemed to be just perfect - until I found this one. With her birthday just around the corner, the time was drawing near when I would and should actually fulfill this promise.

Now that I have the pattern, I am going to have to act quick! I have two nights to pull this all together, get it wrapped and ready to roll.

This is my little plan - What do you think?

I want to use a small pink/white gingham cotton voile with white lace trim - Very girly!. I also plan to shorten it a little, to mid calf, making it more practical. I don't want to create a tripping hazard for ol' ma, ;). Cross your fingers for me that I will get it done in time.

On a more selfish note, while shopping for mum's birthday pattern, I found something for moi!

Isn't it just adorable? Obviously it was too hard to pass up. I can imagine this little number in many different colours and fabrics, the perfect bike riding outfit! I'm even considering taking up tennis just so I can be the girl in the illustration - too lame? Never!


  1. SO AMAZING! I would absolutely love to try and make that playsuit as well. So good! x

  2. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make! That playsuit is adorable, there would be no way I would pass that pattern up either :)


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