Monday, May 30, 2011

1948: P is for Peplum

Introducing the second installment of my Sewing Through The Decades Challenge - The 1948 Simplicity 2590 dress - Otherwise know as my P is for Peplum dress.

Today has been an interesting day. I awoke tired (Big surprise, it is a Monday after all!) and it was pouring with rain. The kind of rain that screams "Stay indoors!" But I went to work anyway, because, well, I suppose I didn't really have much of a choice. At about 2 o'clock, it started raining indoors also, and the ceilings almost fell through! It was all such a drama! I had to put on a hard hat (thankfully it matched my outfit) and evacuate everyone, and in the end I got to go home also.

I'm very happy for the early mark, but I feel dreadful for those colleagues who had to stay back and deal with the ankle deep water that filled our building, and those who's work stations and garment racks where destroyed. The fact that I'm happily sitting in my robe, sipping tea by the heater (and Oh so happy!) is slightly weighing on conscience.

But because of these dramatic events, I finally have the chance to share my latest (and quite possibly my favourite) creation with you!

I've had some serious sewing dramas lately, and although this dress took me a good couple of weeks to complete it wasn't particularly difficult. If I had of been a little more diligent, I probably could have finished it in a day or two. Part of me thinks that the boring fabric is to blame, It was very uninspiring when sitting in a heap on my desk, that's for certain!

Although the pattern was straightforward, there were a lot of techniques and steps that I had never used before - It was my first time working with crepe, my first teeny tiny roll hem, my first sleeves! my first time using my new overlocker, and my first peplum! phew, that's a lot of firsts!

There was a huge amount of room for me to screw this dress up, yet somehow I didn't! and I'm just thrilled with the end result!

But, do you want to know my favourite park about the dress? the peplum is detachable! I'm contemplating making one in black with an array of different coloured beautiful peplums to attach to it as I please!

Since its completion I have managed to wear it 3 times already! Sadly the weather is getting a lot colder, and it doesn't look great with a cardigan, so I want to wear it as much as I can, before its too cold.

Natasha, my dear friend and handy photography woman took photographs for me again. We went to the main campus of Sydney University and took the pictures in the quadrangle by the great hall. Its so beautiful there!

Don't you think it looks like Hogwarts?! Perhaps that's just my imagination/ wishful thinking!

Check out the rest of the Photographs here.


  1. That dress is entirely lovely! Congratulations on a job well done!

    And I've just come across your blog, but I love your idea of sewing through the decades. I'll have to look at what else you've done as part of your challenge.

  2. @Miss Marie

    Thanks Marie! I'm glad you like it.

    I'm actually following Debi's lead from My Happy Sewing Place, she's also doing this challenge, and in a much more structured manner! You should check her progress out,

    AND remember its never to late to join in the fun :)

  3. That is one gorgeous dress. Wow! I reeeally want to make a peplum now. Well done for all your firsts. Such a glamorous result!

    Sorry to hear about your not-so-glamorous day. Crikey, raining indoors??

  4. What a divine dress, Molly! Peplums are so ladylike and classic. Love, love, love your idea of making the dress in black and pairing it with different colours of peplums!

  5. Wow ! It looks great. I'm a big fan of Navy color, it looks so elegant. Even more with a crepe fabric. Great job for a first :)

  6. Oh my goodness this dress is absolutely amazing!!! I recently got a 40's dress pattern and I want to get some crepe for it. It will be my first time as well. How was it like sewing with crepe? I also don't have an overlocker but have heard some good things about it. how has it been for you so far?

  7. Oh my gosh, this is stunning and you've inspired me to get my similar dress/peplum pattern out of my stash...I think mine has a detachable peplum too! If it turns out half as nice as yours, I'll be over the moon!

    Oh and good work with all those new techniques!!!

  8. Wow! That is gorgeous! I love the colour you chose. Peplums are so much fun! I really need to start doing some sewing with vintage patterns. I have a few in my stash but I am scared to use them for some reason.

  9. It IS Hogwarts - isn't it??!!! You fit right in with that beautiful dress

  10. This is gorgeous! And it totally reminds me a bit of Hogwarts :)

  11. Thanks for directing me to Debi's blog - I actually found my way there through exploring your earlier posts yesterday.

    I would love to join in the challenge but my sewing machine is currently broken (sob) and I really shouldn't be looking for another way to distract myself from my course work - just blogging is bad enough already! I might have to wait until next year (not to mention a new sewing machine) before I embark on such an epic venture...

  12. Stunning dress! I love the peplum, it gives this beautiful dress real vintage style. Great photographs!

  13. I never knew the Sydney University had such beautiful buildings!

    You look fabulous btw, love the dress! :)

    The Cat Hag


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