Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BurdaStyle Meetup

On Saturday I went to my very first sewing/blogger meet up. Originally we had planned to have a meet up in celebration of Burdastyle Day with fellow Sydney sewists, but sadly I wasn't able to attend. Luckily, the girls arranged a second meeting, to which I happily went along.

Holly, Passiona and I had a grand old time discussing sewing projects, sewing blogs and all things fun and creative at the aptly named Stitch Bar.

I had never been there before, but I have a feeling I may be about to become a regular. This dimly lit basement bar is decked out in vintage haberdashery - from the old singer machine tables, to the walls papered in pattern layouts and notion definitions - it was the perfect setting.

Even the entrance is designed to look like a sewing studio - clever!

As this was my first time meeting another sewing blogger, I unleashed a million and one questions at poor Passiona, who very patiently answered them and gave me much to think about in regards this blogs format. Is that a blog Re-Vamp I smell in the air?

As promised, I also have a sewing update for you. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have started taking a sewing course at my local community college. Its for 3 Sundays in a row, and we had to take a project that we would like to work on.
I was really excited and I chose an original 40's Du Barry pattern that I had been dying to make for some time.
I knew it was going to be a challenge, but that's certainly not something I usually shy away from.

Mid way through the first lesson I started to get the impression that my teacher wasn't too thrilled with my pattern choice! It seemed that while the rest of the class were all working on their first patterns and had chosen simple A-Line skirts, I had chosen a 3 piece skirt suit with tailored jacket, from an unmarked pattern, oh, and did I mention it was about 3 sizes too small?? oops.

My poor teacher had to show me how to grade my pattern as well as re-size the proportion etc. etc. The poor woman, I bet she didn't know what she was in for when she saw me coming.
Later that day I mentioned that I might like to take her pattern making class - she just about fell over!

Ah well! maybe another time...

Anyway, I am really really pleased with my progress. I made THREE muslin's for my jacket, but now the fit is perfect!

This is the last muslin I made in green corduroy. Please excuse the quick snaps, I took them before I ran out the door to work.

I'm nearly finished the shell of the jacket in its final fabric, a lovely red wool and then all I have to do is line it (all) something I have never done before - Wish me luck!

Hope your all having a lovely afternoon!


  1. ooohh! The blogger meet-up sounds fun! And that bar looks AMAZING! I love it!!

  2. Hey! Good luck with the suit you are planning! I love the place of the meeting of dressmakers, it has to be a great place!


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