Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

I had grand plans when it came to photographing this skirt. Considering its picnic cloth nature I imagined green parks, tea cups and sunny skies. Unfortunately, the world did not oblige. Instead, it gave me torrential rains, gale force winds and dreary skies.
Generally speaking, I’m not one to complain when we have weather like this – I love the rain. For some odd reason I’m happier of a morning if I wake up and its grey outside. I sound like a severe melancholic, but I’m not, honest!
So, after waiting a few days, I decided, gray skies or not, I’ll take pictures of my new skirt. Of course the day after was a crystal clear day, but I was busy, and liked the gray skies in the pictures regardless.

I like to think that this skirt adds a little sunshine to any day, not matter what is like; it’s simply the happiest skirt I own.
I cut out a full circle, using Burdastyles Linda pattern as a reference, with the waist measurement double which it needed to be, then gathered it to my waist measurement.  After it was gathered and attached the waistband it ended up being just a bit bigger than a full circle, which is BIG! The waist band was a simple strip, which I folded over and reinforced with interfacing.

Its perfect for twirling in!
I used a lapped zipper and two buttons on the waist band for the closure. I had never made a button hole before, partly because I lost the buttonhole attachment to my sewing machine, and partly because I had always assumed it would a massive pain in the behind. For a year now I have successfully avoided all button hole related garments, using “faux” buttons if necessary, with snaps behind.
Since I have been practicing my embroidery, I decided to try my hand at bound buttonholes. My word, I’m like a proud child, with the best buttonhole in the class! They were so pretty; I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t take a close up picture, so you’ll just have to take me word for it.
Do you use your machine to make buttonholes, or do you hand bind them? I’d love to hear about the techniques you favour in regards to this?

I cut the skirt late one night and stitched it up on the second. Minus all the tea breaks, mindless tv watching, and downright dawdling, this skirt really only took about 2 hours to make, the most tedious part being the hemming. Thankfully the fabric (cotton sateen) had a little stretch in it so I was able to ease it a little easier, though I feel in some parts I may have stretched it a little too much.

I would certainly recommend trying your hand at this pattern if you’re looking to add a little vintage flair to your wardrobe. It’s so easy to make and so much fun to wear!
Click here to see larger picutes.


  1. So cute, you look adorable in it!
    I always make buttonholes with my machine, but that's just cause I'm lazy!

  2. Very nice pictures, the atmosphere is so cheerful! : ) The skirt is very playful and sweet too!

    Hehe I totally understand your proudness about the buttonholes, I am not always very talented in some basic, practical stuff (like sewing... snift!) and when I manage to do something nicely, the proudness lasts like 2 weeks ahahaa! :' D I`d love to start sewing and learn to do it better (I am a beginner in that and my skills are super limited!), but it feels like I never have time although it is mostly just laziness, I believe. :--o They taught us all the useful and important sewing tips in school when I was 13-16, but it has been so long since I tried to make something proper that all the little that I learnt is probably forgotten. : D Well, when I am full of energy and wondering what to do, maybe next time I`ll take my sewing machine out from the closet. ; )

  3. found your blog through your burdastyle link. VERY cute outfit and I love that skirt. I love your style. Great job.

  4. Just popping by to let you know that I've given you a blog award - to accept or ignore as you so choose. I won't be at all offended if you'd rather not have anything to do with it!

  5. @Miss Marie oh wow! Thanks so much Miss Maria, thats super sweet of you!

  6. So cute, I love the spinning pictures (Who doesn't love doing that in a full skirt?!)

  7. That skirt is so nice, you did a great job!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. This skirt is so so lovely! It definitely is a wonderful substitute for the sun on grey days! I also love the pictures you took (especially the last one, which is extremely cute).
    I usually use my machine, too. This has the same reason as Paunnet gave. ;)...but I would really like to try making one by hand, too.

  9. I really love your skirt! great job!


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