Friday, August 12, 2011

Browsing The Blogosphere

Its a dreary, rainy day here in Sydney and although I'm working diligently on a few fun projects in my sewing room, I have nothing to show you just yet.

I do, however, have some lovely links I found on my travels through the blogosphere this week, that I would love to share with you -

  • Leila Audrey, fellow Sydney blogger, sums up my feelings towards the colour Red in this short and sweet post.
  • Erica Lugo, An illustrator who's blog I follow, has started a side project for fashion sketching, with the hopes of posting a new drawing everyday. Her lovely sketches have inspired me to start practising mine again.
  • Natasha Foster has posted some great new pictures, most of which were taken on our trip to the Hunter valley.
  • Quincy is looking adorable in this nautical 40's number, and the little twirling Gif. at the end of the post is a one way ticket to absolute cute-ville!
I hope you enjoyed your fridays dose of delicious eye candy and have a wonderful fun filled weekend! x


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