Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Bets are On!

You must be getting bored seeing this dress time and time again... clearly I'm not bored with sewing it just yet.

I could argue and say I change it up each time, but that would be a half lie or a Half Truth.This time around I changed that scoop back to a V back, which kind of stretched out into a scoop back anyway, and the boat neck vaguely into a scoop neck.... but in essence, its the same pattern.

None the less, it's non-offensive and it's simplicity lends itself to most fabrics and prints.
With a print such as the one I used here, it was really important that I choose a very simple shape, so things didn't get too chaotic.

It was also important that I chose something I could make fast, and I mean fast! I found out on Friday afternoon that a colleague of mine had miraculously scored members tickets to the races and invited a few girls from her department. The races were the next day!  I finished work that day at 5pm and had to leave at 10am the next morning. The Races are a  big day, so I knew I would need a good nights rest on top of that. This didn't leave much time in between to make a new dress. Not only that, but there was the matter of the hat. I needed to make one of those too!

When I say "need", I didn't actually "need" to do anything. There were a dozen or so dresses in my commodious wardrobe that would have fit the bill, but I wanted to make a new dress. Not only because I love a challenge, but I love the feeling of wearing a new dress.

I was very pleased that I pulled it off. I started at about 6.30 and was in bed by 12.45, dress and hat done.
Not too bad, if I don't say so myself.

Since I've made this dress a dozen times before, and spoken about it a fair bit, I won't bore you with the details again. But, What I do want to talk about is the fabric - Isn't it just divine? It was another piece I scored from work. Its a custom print created by one of the designers that for some reason got thrown in the reject pile and eventually worked its way into my hands. A whole 4 meters of it.

I'd never actually seen a fabric like this before, and upon further enquiry I found out it was a cotton silk blend called Ottoman. Have you ever worked with this fabric before?
Its amazing. A-MA-ZING! Its soft and fluid, yet weighty, with perfect drape. Its known for its ribbed or fine corded effect; Somewhat time Grosgrain ribbon. If I could, I would use this fabric for everything.

Although the print was rejected by the design team, I happen to adore it. Its so bright, bold and impossible not to feel jolly when wearing it.

I also made my hat. Well, head piece. Its not a hat at all, rather a headband with big flowers on it. It was actually really easy and fun to make and I love the way it turned out. The style of it reminds me a little of the 40's tilt hats, but a little more modern.

I am actually planning a tutorial on how to make these lovely headband - Would that interest anyone?

I didn't take many pictures at the races, in between losing bets and drinking champagne I managed to get distracted. Instead, I took pictures in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. Its one of my favourite places in Sydney, particularly the flower garden outside Lions Gate lodge, which is where these pictures were taken.
All the flowers were in bloom and the whole walkway was framed in delightful Cherry blossoms. It really is a magical place in Spring.

It turns out I'm not the only one that thinks so. The tree's above are filled with bats! At first glance they all look like large hanging seed pods, but if you stick around until sunset you'll see them all bloom and open up, bickering and flapping their wings at each other. Their charismatic presence just so happens to be accompanied by the pungent odour of Guano (poop) that sadly overpowers that of the flower garden.

So, to leave you on that lovely note - Happy Spring!


  1. Lovely dress with fabulous fabric...well done!

  2. ooohhh! I LOVE this!!! that fabric looks divine! major score!!! and a big YES to the hat tutorial!!

  3. Gorgeous dress! And yes, would love the headpiece tutorial.

  4. you look absolutely stunning in these pictures! not just the dress!

  5. I love the print; the dress; the shoot!
    you got the trifecta

  6. Your dress is gorgeous... I could seriously wear dresses like that everyday. I have to check out the pattern. And once you've found a pattern that works, why not just stick to that?

  7. Fabric (and dress): gorgeous! I need a races dress for the first time in my life this year. Can't make any kind of decision about this though!


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