Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing Melina & Penelope

Guess What?! I have added some New and Fun items to my etsy shop, Molly-Made, with love.

Introducing "The Melina Skirt" - (Modelled by my charming housemate, Melina!)

And "The Penelope Pom Pom Skirt"

I made these skirts from my own self drafted pattern for the Finders Keepers Markets last year.

Hope you like them x


  1. I love these! 'Specially the pom-pom skirt. Everything is better with pom-poms!

  2. oh I like those buttons on the back! :D usually those buttons on the back want to be invisible, but these are really eye-popping, love it! :D
    and the pompoms are super cute! :D
    xo Noor


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