Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Sew, or Not to Sew?

.... for the Tessuti Awards Competition that is!

I had planned on entering last year (but didn't) and then planned on it again this year (but haven't!). Without realising, time flew by super fast, and now I only have 13 days until the competition closes! Golly!

In my panic I went out and bought $100 worth of Tessuti Fabric (Gosh, Just writing that out loud makes me nauseous) I have never spent that much on Fabric EVER! but hey, that's Tessuti's for you!

Here's the Plan - I'm going to use Vintage Butterick #6538. I have Photoshopped (very haphazardly) my stripes onto the pattern envelope picture just to get an idea of how its going to look -

What do you think??

 A. Is it good enough for my very expensive fabric?

B. Will I be able to do it in time and not botch my very expensive fabric?

C. Will I have a panic attack when it comes time to cut my fabric?

Oh and have I mentioned that I have never matched striped before? Ever!



  1. I think you've picked a good pattern if you havent matched striped fabric before, as the are all in different directions and means its not so noticeable. I love the pattern, i am now envious.
    I too intended on entering...i even bought my fabric about 2 months ago off the website(and yes, spent wayyyyy too much money on it) and now idk whether to enter, but think i should because otherwise i have all this stripey expensive fabric!
    Enter, do it! we both can and hope for a the best...

  2. Your idea looks lovely! And the stripe matching is less of an issue since you're planning on playing up the directions - it looks like you'll only really need to match the side seams. It's hard to know if 13 days is enough time, it depends on how much free time you have between now and then and what level of finish you want to go for, but if don't have to alter the pattern it should be realistic. Don't rush though, just work steadily through it and I recon it'll take less time than if you try rushing and think about the deadline the whole time (that's what's happened to me when I've done pattern testing anyway)

  3. I think the plan looks great! I've also never matched stripes before, and honestly the thought sounds a little daunting *but* totally doable. I agree with Rachel above, 13 days depends on how much time you have. I put a dress together in about 3, but it was a little rushed. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. DO IT! I bailed because I was too broke to pay for the fabric but I love your plan (that pattern is fabulous!) Make a muslin first though, at least for your bodice just to be safe and not wreck your pricey fabric gold. Stripe matching is surprisingly easy so don't stress too hard. Just make sure you are very careful when you're lining up your pieces (I used a drafting triangle which was really helpful to make sure I was cutting 45 degrees from the stripe). You may not line up all your 45 degree pieces perfectly since when you turn the pieces the spacing between your lines change if that makes any sense.... The white parts will be longer so you may only truly match a few stripes but I think it looks fine. I did this dress a few months ago and the stripes didn't always line up perfectly (nothing I could so about it) but it still looks good:


  5. I think that shape is wondferful- do it! It's going to be gorgeous!

  6. Oh, you should enter Molly! The pattern is very nice and as the previous comments noted, the stripes are going in different directions, so it's not too difficult to match.
    If you can spend the rest of the time sewing, you should be ready. I am looking forward to see the result... Good luck!

  7. DO. IT. what's the harm? you've already bought the fabric.. if fear strikes, make it a mini dress and save half your fabric...but do it. DO IT FOR ALL OF US, WOMAN.

    1. Yes, you must! It's not hard to enter at all. It only took me a few minutes to upload my photos. There are not enough vintage-inspired dress right now. Vintage is in! Sew your little heart out tonight!


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