Friday, January 4, 2013

The Year That Was...

Well, what an odd little year that was. I'll be the first to admit that it most certainly wasn't the year of productive blogging! With a mere 30 posts over a whole year, one could say I was a little distracted...

It was the year that saw me design and sample up a range of  "deluxe lined hoodies" for an innovation company - and consequently become the master of the welt pocket.

It saw me as a reviewer for the Sydney Fringe Festival (you can read my reviews here and here if you like).

and move houses.

It was only 2 blocks away, but it meant saying goodbye to all my beloved sewing space.

It was the year I cat sat - 

Miss Nelly

Crazy Kiki
Partied Underwater - 

and started 2 new fashion internships on top of my full time job.

It was the year I entered the Tessuti Awards competition.

Rode the Zig Zag Railway

and made Gnocchi from scratch for the first time

It was the year that I saw my own dress in a REAL BOOK in my local Bookstore

(the pale blue dress and the bottom)

Sewed and shipped 7 skirts and 8 collars to be sold in a darling boutique in Zurich, Switzerland

 Dotti's Boutique - Isn't it just beautiful!? 

And become a Cat, A princess and an Evil Witch.

It saw times in the City - 

And times by the Sea - 

It was the year of merriment with family,

and the embracing of the New Year with Friends - 

And yet after all that I feel like it was my most unproductive year so far. With that said, its been a year of change, a year of transition and most importantly a year of inspiration. It has set me up for 2013, hopefully a year of productivity, success and happiness and I'm thoroughly excited to get started with it.

I sincerely hope that this is not only "my year" but yours too. I look forward to sharing the adventure!



  1. You think 2012 was unproductive for you???? Some people don't even do this in a lifetime - you are amazingly talented. I can't wait to see what you can nail in a productive year - hopefully 2013 will be it for you...

  2. Well done! I'll be checking in to see what you'll be doing in 2013.
    By the way, is that Harry Potter you are reading at the beach?


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