Monday, March 7, 2011

Its a Wrap... Well, Sort Of.

I promised you a playsuit, and a playsuit I will give you... Just not yet! I have been working solidly on it for two weeks now and although I am very very close to finishing (I only have to hem it) It has certainly been trying.

I was thrilled with the EvaDress pattern at first, but once I got stuck into it, I realised that the instructions were somewhat lacking; certain parts instructed "Attach Pattern A to Pattern B" where? How?
Perhaps people in 1936 were better seamstresses and didn't need as much guidance.

After much head scratching, cursing, arghing, and general frustration it started to come together. I then, however, stumbled upon a second set back - The fabric. Not the actual fabric itself, but the houndstooth print. Has anyone else ever worked with a fine houndstooth print before? Did it drive you insane?
It completely messes with your eyes. The more you look at it, the more you go cross eyed. I found that I could only work with it for an hour or two before getting a headache and having to take a break.

Here's a sneak preview of the lapels on the top half, evidence that I have achieved something.

Golly, I hope it's worth all the drama in the end! Now that summer has ended, I wonder if I will even have a chance to wear it...

With that said, and understandably so, I took a break half way through and made a quick wrap skirt. It was such a breeze!

Last week a colleague of mine gave me this fantastic green striped wrap skirt. And when I say fantastic, I mean truly fantastic! Its full and gathered and looks divine over a petticoat. Its an eye popping green and blue stripe, and slightly resembles the Aztec style skirts that were worn in the mid 50's. Every time I wear it out I received numerous compliments and "where did you get that"'s to which I can proudly reply, I got it for free!
Seeing as I loved the skirt so much, I decided to copy it. I traced out the patten and used an old bed sheet I picked up at an op shop on the central coast.

To copy and cut the pattern, and make the skirt it only took about 2 hours and all up cost $3!! I am very happy with it. As soon as I finished it I wore it to the growers market and bought sun flowers. I felt like adding a little sunshine to my apartment now that Summer is over.

Unfortuanly, I didn't have the talented Natasha Foster to take my pictures, so I apologize for the blurry snaps. The photos to come of my playsuit will be crystal clear, promise!


  1. ooohhhh! Looking forward to the playsuit! Love the wrap skirt!

  2. Love the Rick rack on the collar and the skirt is very nice and full :)

  3. That skirt is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see your playsuit too - looking good so far...

  4. The skirt looks absolutely lovely. :)


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