Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Thank You to the lovely Nette for awarding me "The Stylish Blogger Award", that was very sweet. She was also awarded, and passed this compliment onto 7 others. I loved reading the 7 facts about nette and seeing her adorable childhood pictures. Her blog is always so pretty!

So, as per the rules of the award, here are 7 facts about me that you may not have known -

1) I am a tea-a-holic. This goes as far as collecting pretty vintage teacups and teapots. I have enough to accomodate a very large tea party.

2) I was born in California, but grew up in Sydney.

3) I LOVE Harry Potter and secretly wish I could go to Howarts.

4) Once I graduate from Hogwarts I would like to Meet Mr. Darcy and live with him at pemberly.

5) As proven above, I have and always will have an over-active imagination.

6) I sleep walk quite often and wish I didn't, it leaves me very tired.

7) I have a bananaphobia, mostly this pertains to an empty banana peel that is slightly browning (shudder)

I would like to Pass on this award to my 7 regular blog haunts:


I look forwarding to finding out 7 new things about you all.


  1. Aw! Thank you for the award! Crikey, sleepwalking sounds quite scary. Have you ever walked into things or does your subconscious know where you're going?

  2. Ah, thanks! I love your baby picture- that hair! And Pemberly with Mr. Darcy is quite appealing to me, as well :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me! : ) I looove to read random facts that people have written about themselves, so much fun. :--)

    (I apologize beforehand that it might take some time before I manage to do this award: I have also 2 other oldish awards waiting to be posted (they are almost finished though) so I`ll probably try to post them first. :))

  4. @Tilly

    No worries :) As for the Sleepwalking, it is somewhat frightful! Moslty i just poetter about my room, however, I have woken up in the garden before, which was..... unpleasant!


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