Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Run Away Home

After showing you some drool worthy Cape inspiration last week, I can now add my very own to the list.

I had such a wonderful time making this little number. I went the whole hog too and even made a muslin! Gasp, how unlike me! But I really wanted to take my time with this one, and focus on its quality.

I used a rust coloured wool crepe that I bought a year ago from the Remnants Warehouse. Ever since I found it, I knew that I wanted to make a cape from it. One year on, and I've actually done as I intended. Nice turn around Molly. 

I lined the cape with a buttery soft peach tencel, and hand stitched it to the hem. I love how pretty and neat it looks on the inside. I'm so proud that I'm tempted to waltz down the street with this baby on inside out, pointing at the lining to passer-bys. But this is why I have a blog - to stop my own self inflicted public humiliation spurred on by ill channeled pride.

I chose to line the hood in a contrast fabric, as it would be on display a lot of the time. I chose a vintage Olive/Ivory fine houndstooth that my mother picked up for me from a thrift store. It's such glorious fabric, but I had a little less than half a meter of it, and was thrilled to finally find the right project for it to be a part of.

Since I still live in fear of the button hole, I used a snap closure at the neck and attached a pretty bronze and glass button for show.

I blind stitched the hem and pick stitched the front lapels. Since the wool is so thick, the pick stitching isn't too obvious, but I know it's there, and that makes me very happy.

One of my favourite things about this pattern (1956 McCalls #3935), is the size of the hood. It's a Real Size hood, that can actually cover and protect your head/hair from the rain. I find so many modern hoods on coats/jackets are purely there for show and don't really fit over your head comfortably (or do I simply have an over sized melon? eep!)

My super talented brother Jack took the pictures for me. It turns out he's quite the photographer, a talent he discovered about a year ago. He works primarily with vintage analog cameras.Check out his work here.

I must say, there is an awful lot of pressure not to make a goofy face, or blink when your photograph is being taken on an Analog camera! So, of course, I had my eyes closed in some great shots, and made a world of goofy faces!

We took the pictures at the train station near my house. I have always wanted to take pictures there. I love the romance of it.

What projects do you have planned for this Autumn?

Love M x


  1. Oh my, this is really, very lovely!!!

  2. The cape turned out just beautifully! It will be perfect for Autumn!
    I also love your whole outfit - the combination of colors, textures, and that to-die-for skirt!! Its a really incredible look.
    Tell your brother he's very talented - the pictures are amazing!

  3. Where, WHERE do I begin?

    a) That cape is so effing cute. Like the play on Little Red Riding Hood.
    b) Whole outfit is perfect. Love your colour mixing.
    c) The photos! Beautiful! Love the way you edited them as well.

    Just realizing that once again, Sallie ^ and I are thinking exactly the same thing.

  4. I litterally gasped when I saw the first photo. Great job, Molly, it's a stunning cape! Capes never appealed to me, but now I want one for next Fall.
    I also loved the maxi skirt... So romantic! Did you make it yourself?

    1. Aw thanks, your so sweet! Nah, sadly I didn't make the skirt myself, but isn't it a dream!? I feel like a princess every time I wear it, I found it on ASOS about 6 months ago x

  5. Wow! amazing!

    I completely agree with you about the hood thing - i hate hoods that are too small, and far too many are. And I don't think it's because I (or you) have a big head either, as hats fit me fine!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. This has to be your best yet Molly! Stunning. Love everything about the cape and the outfit - and the skirt! That first photo is amazing. I was thinking of making a cape with a cute collar -- but now you've got me thinking hood...wonderful.

  8. This is so pretty! Great job! I love the outfit, too!

  9. It's really beautiful! And I love the color-combination of this outfit:-)

  10. Oh my god, this outfit is SO perfect. You look like a fairytale character! Your brother's photos are great, and the cape looks so professional and perfect. The details are impeccable.

  11. I just randomly came upon this somehow-- I think Pinterest. It's AMAZING! I love everything about it. I especially like the short capelet length and the oversized hood. I may need one of these this winter. The pictures are just wonderful, too.


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