Friday, August 24, 2012

It's a Girl!

I have a confession to make....

In my last post, Knitters, Go Nuts I promised a Part Two. A part two filled with darling, quirky 60's knitting and crochet patterns.
This intention was wholly sincere. I scanned. Labelled. Dated. I was precise. Precise in all but one thing. I scanned them in wrong and cut off half the page ON ALL OF THEM! Yup, I did that. Then I went and gave the books back. "GAVE THE BOOKS BACK?" You ask, exasperatedly!? Yes, I'm sorry. I confess, I am a huge goose.

I felt bad for a minute or two. I considered editing my last post to remove all trace of the secondary promise, but you guys are smarter than that aren't you? Then all remorse was driven from my mind by a new purchase. Funny how shopping can do that.

I bought a Camera - Finally. She is so beautiful.

So join me my fellow sewing friends in welcoming my new Canon Powershot sx40 to the family.

 Camera pictured is not true to size.

I suspect we will have a lot of fun together!


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