Monday, July 16, 2012

Knitters, Go Nuts!

I'm the first to admit that I am not the worlds most accomplished knitter. I've knitted more scarves than I can use, an adorable beret that turned out the size of a yamaka, and in a blaze of glory, I knitted a heraldic lion pattern into a square that is currently sitting, lonely, in the bottom of my knitting bag.

I want  to knit. I picture it, with a rosy hue - Me, knitting by fire, tea next to me. First of all, I don't have a fire, and secondly, I don't have the patience. That's why I love sewing - Its faster. But knitting is undeniably therapeutic (hence the amount of scarves).

I admire those that persevere (By Gum By GollyJorth, and Did You Make that?, I'm looking at you!) and I'm constantly inspired to try again.

I'm not posting to just tell you my thoughts about knitting (why, are you not fascinated by them?) but to tell you of a knitting pattern goldmine that has currently come into my temporary possession.

Last week a lovely colleague of mine handed me a bag of treats. No, not the edible kind. "Our" kind of treats. Yes, that's right. It was a brown paper bag full of vintage knitting magazines and books from the 30's - 70's.

So immense was this goldmine that I have decided to break it up into two posts. This post will be dedicated to a book called  "The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Knitting" and the second post will include all the patterns from the 60's & 70's. So, there's something for everyone!

 "The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Knitting" by Catherine Franks was published in 1939 and is quite simply a gem! Its informative, straight forward and as the title indicates, provides the added assistance of pictures. This book tells you everything, from how to cast on, stitch types, decorations, provides patterns, tips, right through to casting off.  However the book is 320 pages long, and while I love you all enough to share the best bits, I'm not about to scan the entire book! I did have a wee peek around the Internet though, and you can buy vintage copies here, here and here (if your quick).

So lets get to the good stuff shall we?

 These are so adorable - How about attaching one to a beret to wear in your hair?

How cute - perfect for a baby shower gift!

 This is my favourite of the sweaters, it would look so chic and nautical in red, white & blue.

 For the Advanced Knitter

I'm not certain of the practicality of a knitted bathing suit, but I couldn't resist sharing it with you!

Feel free to click on any of the scanned Images, save, print, and share!

There is one condition though! GASP! If you do create something from one of these patterns, be a dear and shoot me an email - I'd love to see how it turns out!

No need to wait on ceremony ladies, get knitting! and I'll be back real soon with more patterns for a good yarn (Get it?)



  1. Wow, some of these patterns are so amazing! The dress with pleat effects blows my mind. Unfortunately, my knitting efforts are less accomplished than yours... *sigh* I'm good at knitting random squares... if there's no purling required... or a pattern.. and if you don't mind your suqare looking a bit squirkely... Oh well, maybe one day I'll get there! x

  2. Lovely patterns! I'm actually crocheting a bikini at the moment, and it really would be awful to actually use for swimming but for just hanging out in the sun it is perfect.

  3. The vintage patterns are nice, I love the short sleeved top with boat neck!
    I have a similar ambivalent relation to knitting: I love it but half of the started projects are never finished and the rest is not useful... Last thing I made was a pullover in chunky yarn that is two sizes too big at least, I look like a yeti in it!

  4. thought I would let you know I knitted up the striped sweater from this post.
    check my blog post :
    or my ravelry page :
    thanks for posting some great vintage patterns!

  5. Hi! Thank you for the patterns! I've knitted the Yoke effect jumper, you can see it here: I loved the pattern so much I bought the whole book :-)


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