Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Australian Autumn

The calender tells me that it is officially Autumn, 12 days in in fact  The weather outside tells another story; humid, 27 Degrees and indecisive between sun and rain.

Although I live in a country that has undefined seasons, I can't help but get swept up in the ideals of Autumn, the chill that will soon inhabit the air, the changing of leaves, the autumnal colour spectrum. To me it also says saddle back shoes, tweed blazers and the ability to wear stockings again without passing out from the heat.

There is so much I want to create for Autumn/Winter but as previously mentioned my sewing has taken a massive hit due to recent moves and space changes. That said everything is being packed up AGAIN to move AGAIN. Ah, the inconsistencies of youth! So the sewing scene is looking pretty dismal. Fingers crossed that it will soon all settle and I can happily sit at my sewing machine again.

A girl can only dream though, and if I somehow manage find the time; this is what I plan to channel -

You might notice much of it is sweater heavy, and no I haven't become a whiz on the needles over night; rather I have been doing a little study and inspirational research for my new job. As you may recall I was ranting on about my high hopes for a new career, and ladies and gentlemen its finally happened. In 12 days I will be starting a new job as a Womenswear Design Assistant, working primarily with knitwear. Golly, I am excited. It is only a short contract, but none the less I plan on making the most of it!

I fully acknowledge that all my posts, while also having the disadvantage of being few and far between, have been very word heavy. I really hope I'm not boring you, But believe it or not I have actually done some sewing, which I pinky promise to show you very shortly. Somehow in the last move I managed to misplace my camera's battery charger, but don't distress, it has been located!

For those on this side of the hemisphere - what are you Autumn plans? and those on the other side (who seem to be stuck in a perpetual winter) dare I ask - have you started on your Spring wardrobes?



  1. Your inspirationboard looks great. Spring wardrobe? How dare you ask. I'm from the other side and it's full on snow and winter over here. Such fun :-).
    Even though that's true, I'm planning on floral dresses with full skirts for me and lightweight bright coloured pants for my boyfriend. If only obsessive planning would make winter into spring...

  2. Just love your Autumny colours... Brisbane Autumn weather will dictate that as long as you have a brolly in the mix you will be all set. Your new job sounds intreging...J

  3. Congratulations on the new job. How exciting. Your sewing plans look exciting as well - great colours. I can't imagine it ever getting cold enough in Australia to wear Autumn clothes!

  4. Congratulations on the on job- best of luck :) Loveing your insperation too, totally rubbish weather here in England, wetwetwet!!!
    I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger award! Check out the info in my blog post-
    Love what you do!

    Freya May


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