Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Year, New Dress

And now it's April and I'm only just getting around to showing it to you.

I whipped this number up in such a flurry! My New Years plans were still up in the air until the day before, so I ended up making it the day of. Sadly that means it's quality took a serious hit! but none the less, it's still wearable.

You may not be able to tell but this dress is made up from four different types of fabric. The yardage is insane, and I didn't have enough black in my stash in the same quality. So I literally used every different black I could lay my hands on. It's an odd mix of Elastane/Cotton/Wool, Rayon, Poly Georgette and then the lovely silk printed panelling.

I actually got the silk from work. It was a print strike off that was rejected. It was later altered minutely and put it into production.
A week ago I wore it to work, much to everyone's confusion."did we do that style?" "I don't remember that one!" - Nope, this is all me! (As said proudly by any seamstress just dying for someone to ask her where her dress is from.)

If you have an amazing memory, you'll remember this dress from this post.

The hem has dropped massively on the wool side, as the fabric is so heavy; particularly in contrast to the sheer lightness of the silk on the other side. But lets just call it artistic and keep that been you and I.

I actually haven't worked with silk before. It was seriously difficult! Damn, that stuff moves about like crazy. It's as if it was trying to avoid my scissors! Can anyone offer me any tips on cutting silk without it running away?

I used India tape in the hem and seams on the silk side  in a bid to try to weight it down, and also to prevent any seam slippage around the hips. I'm not sure if it did anything really, but physiologically I feel like its more sturdy.

Despite its hodge-podge-ness (Yes, that is a word ) it's a very fun dress to wear. It's nearly a full circle and has tremendous body in the skirt. Everyone here knows I'm an absolute sucker for a swishy dress that blows around dramatically as I walk. Clearly I fancy myself a princess.

Well, no more sewing for at least a week for me now. I'm getting all packed up and ready for move day next weekend. I'm very much looking forward to it. That said I have a few more things up my sleeve to share with you shortly, Maybe even the next "Wicked Stitch".

Until Then,



  1. Its very striking and I adore the contrast! Looks lovely!

    Bundana @

  2. That silk is lovely. I remember your new year dress but didn't notice the contrast panel!

    1. Wow - you do have a good memory! I don't think you can see it much in that picture. I had intended on taking pictures that night for the ol' blog but instead I got a little merry :)

  3. Wow! It's an amazing dress. It's the type of dress I'd like to make one day.
    You can find a lot of information on working with silk at A Fashionable Stitch

  4. This is fabulous in every way. All I want to do this summer is swan around in maxi dresses.

    1. Exactly how I feel, except that now its autumn so I will have to re-asses. But do it! most definitely! Thanks for your sweet comment :)


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