Friday, December 9, 2011

Dreaming of Austen

The Lovely Michelle, mentioned in my last post, is celebrating her birthday next week.

Being the exuberant person that she is, she will not be celebrating in just any old fashion; instead she is throwing a celebration entitled " The Great Garrett - Dress inspired by your favourite literary character"

YES! I'm am so excited, I have not yet, until this time had an opportunity you go as.... you guessed it... Elizabeth Bennett!

My love for Jane Austen rivals that of my love for Harry potter, and that's a huge statement in my book.

The BBC productions of Jane Austen play on a continual loop in my room while I'm sewing; its gotten to the point where I know most of the dialogue before its said ( I know, I know, that's kinda sad).

So, when I read Michelle's invitation I knew instantly that I would dress as Elizabeth Bennett and knew precisely the pattern and fabric that would get me there.

Here's my inspiration:

Aren't they glorious?!

So, this is the plan - I will use Burdastyles Danielle Pattern which I already have on hand, and have made once before.
I also happen to have 4 large curtain panels of Mustard Shantung that I picked up at the charity store. I feel like the colour and weight of the fabric is perfect for this project. Its seems to me that all of Austen's more headstrong characters are often dressed in rich earthy colours; for example Caroline Bingley (regularly dressed in rust & mustard) in both BBC adaptions of Pride & Prejudice, along with Lizzy Bennett; as seen in the second picture.

 I will need to make a few alterations to the pattern such as lengthening the skirt. I would also like to gather the front bust, rather than use darts. If I have enough fabric I would also like to slightly gather the back skirt panel to achieve a more dramatic look.

Have you made a Regency dress before? Can you offer any tips?

Of course I won't be sticking to the old world sewing techniques with this project! Seeing as I have to have it ready by Tuesday (and the fabric could do with a good clean too) I will certainly have no qualms about sewing a sly zip in.

Well, I better get to work, time is ticking!


  1. Would love to go to a party in that style too! :D must be soooo amazing to be dressed like them ^^
    xo Noor

  2. I haven't made a dress but I have made a corset.
    found your blog through feeling stitchy


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