Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Functionality Vs Frivolity

Now that the saga that was the Finders Keepers market is over, and I have a few other sewing projects out of the way (Regency gown & Christmas/Birthday gifts) I am super duper, totally and utterly excited to get back to sewing for myself!

Selfish much? I'm not even going to try and deny it.

But, Dear Readers, the question is - What next?

Photo-recycling - Don't mind if I do!

I am planning a short trip to San Francisco for New Years to visit my Brother, so naturally I would like to work on some winter attire to take with me.

The first idea was to make a cape. I would base it on Burdastyle's Lindsey Cape and sew it up in a beautiful thick rust wool that I have been dying to use for over a year now. I envisage it with black velvet trim and a large black pussy bow that ties at the front (Much like the one in the picture above). This would be a very practical plan.

However, there is something constantly looming in the back of my brain.....

Ba ba ba bum! The BOMBSHELL DRESS!

I bought Gertie's Bombshell Dress course a couple months ago and have by dying to try it out ever since. There is small amount of dull bronze metallic "Toffee Bark" fabric is my stash that would be just perfect for it. Together the combination screams New Year's Eve!

I know that its going to be very cold in San Fran for New Year's, much colder than I'm used to. But with a good coat, gloves and Stockings, I'm sure I can pull that dress off, at least until I arrive at our celebration destination.

Now, before I go getting ahead of myself, there is one major deciding factor. Time!  Will I have enough time between now and Christmas to make the bombshell dress?? I am led to believe that it's rather time consuming. Where as I know that I will have the time to make the cape.

Have you made the bombshell dress? How long did it take you? Should I save that project for January? Or dive right in? Can you tell I enjoy asking questions? No?

Tell me what to do!!


  1. I made the bombshell dress and it took me about three months. Admittedly, I was also doing lots of other things at the same time, but I wouldn't say this is a quick make. There's so much careful fitting and hand stitching. Good luck with it, though - it's a great learning experience and the online classes are brilliant.

  2. I honestly didn't feel that the bombshell dress was too time-consuming. Granted, there's quite a bit of handstitching but that can be done evenings in front of the TV. I also wasn't working at the time, so I think I finished it in about 2 weeks. It's such a joy for me to work that way (careful muslin fitting, handstitched details, etc) that I didn't really notice the time pass. She's an excellent teacher!


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