Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finders Keepers

Preparations for my stall at the Finders Keepers Markets are in FULL SWING! Realistically, I should be done by now and planning my stall layout; seeing as the market is tomorrow, but true to form, I'm still frantically sewing on buttons, hemming and embroidering.

In fact, I don't think I have ever sewed this much or this intensely in my life! Its has gotten to the point where I dream about it at night and think about it every waking moment!

The stress of it aside, I am very proud of the amount I have achieved in just a month. I've made about 10 full circle skirt (some with AWESOME pom pom trim), 30 collars and I am still working on some cute bow hair clips. Oh, and kept a full time job too! Not bad, hey!?

I'm super excited to set up my stall too. My lovely mother and sewing room "assistant" has made an adorable banner for me, which I will proudly hang over my stall and I also bought a big lolly jar filled with starlight mints - yum!

Should I get the chance, I'm also looking forward to doing a little shopping myself. Finders Keepers has always been one of my favourite markets to attend. The talent there is always so inspiring. I suspect it will provide a great opportunity for a wee bit of Christmas shopping.

Here are a few stalls I'm eager to check out:

ALAS Sleepwear

I've been dying to get a look at these dreamy PJ's since the sweeties at ALAS launched their online store in October. I'm putting the Sailor top on my Xmas wish list right away!

What Can I say? It's got "Molly" written all over it. These poor dears have me as a stall "neighbour" and will  undoubtedly have to put up with me drooling over their goods for two days. I apologize in advance.

Hello Stocking Stuffer Heaven! How magical it would be to wake up on Christmas morning to a stocking filled with her delightful little friends.

I Simply cannot start my summer without this darling bathing suit, and yes, I need the matching floral swim cap too.

And that's just to name a few! I'm glad I have been saving my pennies!

So, if your in Sydney and looking for something to do, come along and join the fun! There will be a great line up of live music and plenty of delectable things to eat and drink.

See you there!


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