Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is a truth, Universally Acknowledged...

..... That I have always wanted to dress up as Elizabeth Bennett! So here it is, finally, my Elizabeth Bennett gown!

If you have ever read Pride & Prejudice or are at all familiar with the story, you'll know that Elizabeth Bennett would never wear such a bold, rich dress. To me the hue would be much more suited to someone like Caroline Bingley. I love Caroline's character and her snooty attitude, but seeing as the opportunity to dress in regency garb (not in my life anyhow) doesn't arise too often, I just knew I had to go as Elizabeth. So, shall we just say it's an Elizabeth dress, post marriage to Mr Darcy?

Anyway, Whatever, who cares?! I got the wear a floor length gold regency dress, I wasn't about to let any literary technicalities stand in the way of that!

I used Burdastyles Danielle # 9306 for the base and made a few alterations, such as lengthening the skirt and widening it too, so I could add a few pleats to the front and back panels.

I also added extra width to the bust, So that I could add some darling little pin tucks to the front.

The fabric started it's life as 3 large curtain panels that I found a Vinnie's (a Thrift Store) about a year back for a mere $5. They were perfect for my bedroom, but for some reason they never got hung and now, well, I suppose its a little late for that! It appears to be a synthetic Shantung? Its quite stiff, and a little scratchy so I lined it in white cotton, the same cotton the curtains were backed with originally (Thrifty, Thrifty!).

Now, this dress is tight! and by tight, I mean tight tight! So tight, that while I was struggling out of it, my arm got pinched in the fabric and left a suspicious looking mark. You try to convincingly tell your colleagues "No, that's not a love bite, I just got stuck in regency dress". Sad, but true!

Other than a minor seam pull in the underarm (caused by above event) this dress held together very well, and I certainly put it to the test - Tennis, Bunny chasing, Badminton, Dancing, Eating, Drinking, You know -all the things you do at a good party!

Now I just need to find another excuse to wear it again - any ideas?


  1. Wow, that dress is beautiful! You definitely have a talent. :) I'd just find any silly reason to be able to wear it. haha.

    -Megan Rose
    Somewhat Stylish

  2. Woooww! I love your new dress and particulary the color :)
    You look amazing!

    My blog:

  3. Just gorgeous! Congratulations on creating such a beautiful thing, especially from old curtains!

  4. Gorgeous dress! That colour is amazing on you.

    Perhaps a good excuse to host a dress-up high tea party? ;-)

  5. What a fabulous dress, you look great it in! I'm very jealous, P&P is one of my favourite books. My sister (Elizabeth) married a man named Michael Bennett a couple of years back and I've been giggling every time I hear her say her full name ever since.

  6. Oooh, this is beautiful! I do hope you get the chance to wear it again soon...

  7. Hahaha "I just got caught in a regency dress." I love it! BTW I just received your heart collar in the mail today (I'm Sarah from Brooklyn) and I love it! I'm giving it to a good friend for her birthday which is on Valentines day and I can't wait (although I do want to keep it for myself).

    Love your blog too-if you're interested, I also blog at

    Thanks again for the collar!

  8. This is amazing!!!! Oh Lizzy...


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