Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mod Musings

Although things have been a little quiet on the blog front - my creative cogs have been busy whirring away!

While its been some times since I've contributed any Me-Made garments to my wardrobe of late, I have been having a blast designing some new delights for my next collection at Molly-Made, with love.

And all I can think about is 60's MOD!

It just so happens that I'm currently working on an archive project at work, and have been sourcing and pulling all the advertisements the company ran in the 1940's through to 1980's. I can hardly call it work - its so much fun. Our label has morphed irrefutably since its inception in 1911, but it really seemed to have blossomed in the 60's and the inspiration it's provided for my new collection is undeniable.

Not only are the shapes structured and playful, but the colours are bold and bright and give me the opportunity to play with my blatantly favourite colour combination - red, white and blue! it just screams London Mod.

Although I can't give you a sneak peeks just yet (even though I'm just dying too) I will leave you with some delightfully 60's eye candy for the devine Courreges -

Happy Tuesday Dears! x


  1. Love these! Red and white? Mod? Yes, please!

  2. Nice. Thanks for sharing. I really like the striped lining on that coat! BTW just wanted to let you know that your commenting section doesn't work for non-Google accounts. I tried OpenID and Wordpress and they didn't work. I've had to log into google and then refresh the page to get here. You might want to install disqus - it allows cross platform commenting, keeps track of comment responses and blocks spam. And it means people without Google ids will be able to comment on your blog.


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