Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The World says No!

Yesterday was one of those days! You know the type I'm talking about. One of those days when you just don't want to get out of bed. Its the type of day when you put on a dress that you wore only last week and the zip splits. When you run for the bus and wave your arms like a mad woman, and still miss it. When you forget to pack your lunch and don't have a penny to your name and your hungry and cranky. One of those days when it seems that everyone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed finds you, just so they can be rude. When it rains and you don't have your umbrella and your perfectly straightened fringe curls like it has never curled before and sticks up like corkscrews from your forehead.

It is on days like that my friends and fellow sewers that you should not attempt to sew. I repeat DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEW.

It's days like that when you need your fairy god mother to say to you "Molly, don't even think about it! Back away from the sewing machine!" and hand you your super dorky, yet inviting flannelette pajama's, a bar off chocolate and order you to bed.

Sadly, I don't have a guardian angel, and as I am slowly but surely learning, I appear to not have an common sense either. I know this ladies and gentlemen, because I did not heed the warnings that the universe was sending me - and I SEWED!


It all started with a dress sample that I was making for the next Finders Keepers Market and my Molly-Made store. I had drafted a cute sixties shape shift/tent dress and cut it out in a royal blue poly cotton. The same fabric used for the Penelope Pom Pom Skirt.

For some reason I then decided that a little white peter pan collar would look cute on the dress. Had I forgot all those years of watching Madeline? Did I not know that the french school girl look ought to be left to small cartoon girls that walked in lines of two?

Even if that was the look I was going for, Look at that collar!? What the!?

Both those side were cut from the same pattern, using the same seam allowance, how on earth did the end up so uneven??

Then we have the issue of the zip. It was beginning to resemble a very nice lapped zipped. Except for the fact that it too is completely wonky!

It was at this point that the dress got tossed into the corner of the room and I sat there pouting, with my arms crossed (Madeline-esque?)

This dress is SO BAD, I even contemplated submitting it to lovely Karen's Ugly Amnesty over at Did you Make That, but that would mean finishing it and there was no way in hell that was going to happen.

So - Moral to the story children, don't run with scissors! ..... or sew when having a bad day!

Whats your biggest sewing disaster? do you have any words of wisdom?


  1. I'm having one of those days today, except with cooking. Mistake, do not cook Sarah, do NOT cook when you have had a day from hell. Do not try to make a new recipe, a challenging and completely untested! Double chocolate eclairs... failed. It's funny how something so small can make you act like a child who's ice-cream has been horribly smooshed on the ground.
    My advice? Try to pick yourself up and laugh. Avoid over-analysising the failure and the "what??"'s, "how??"'s and "why??"'s and if you feel up to it, give it one more go. A go where you listen to music and decide you are happy with any outcome, even one which results in your dog licking eclair mush off the ground...
    Or, abandon it completely, have a hot shower and hot tea.
    If it's any consellation, I feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one having a horrible day, so thank you for sharing! x

  2. I know those days,too!! I think that only thing you can do is to watch a Dvd on your sofa and have a cup of hot cocoa!

  3. Aw, Madeline was one of my FAVOURITE books when I was little!

    I think we all have those disaster days... sometimes it's best just to admit defeat. I love the dress though, I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as you think! If I were you, I'd wait for a day when I'm feeling calm and capable (not that that happens too often...) and I'd unpick the zip and collar and resew. I think the collar would be perfect if it was much bigger! Maybe in a cream colour, then it might not be quite so 'french schoolgirl' ;)

  4. So sorry to hear about your sewing fail! But honestly - I like the Madeline-esque dress! Maybe when you're not having the day from hell you can give it another go.
    Its true - we all have those days - and I agree that the best thing to do is watch the trashiest and most gratifying tv or dvd and enjoy some hot beverage - as long as you don't burn yourself and add insult to injury!

  5. Oh, those terrible days... I felt like that yesterday, I still cut a dress but didn't dare to start sewing it. I probably did the right thing.
    I'm so sorry for your dress! I hpe you can still make something out of it!

  6. I feel your pain. I know how long those collars take to do! It's a lovely colour dress and style though - maybe with a different colour collar?

  7. I have those days too. I still haven't learned! I have been found crying on the kitchen floor before now because I've tried to bake a cake and left out the ... wait for it.... it's the main ingredient of cake ... FLOUR!!!

    Thankfully, tomorrow is always another day as my Gran used to say.

  8. just wear it with a cardigan and a brooch and theyll cover the lil desasters


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