Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blue Chambray Skies

I made this dress a couple of weekends ago when I realized that I don't really have any "kickin around in" clothes. I love my clothes to death but I'm not going to pretend that some mornings when I get up I don't hate the idea of putting something structured and restrictive on.

Casual clothes aren’t really my forte and jersey has often eluded me, much like Karen, who recently posted about it at Did you Make that? Yet here we are! And I’m most surprised!

It all came about when I was clearing out my fabric corner. I was going through some off cuts that I had picked up from work and I came across a small piece of white double knit Ponte. It was thick, luxurious, soft and stretchy. I knew it would fill that hole in my wardrobe that simply demanded something warm and comfy (considering its quite cold outside!). Sadly the piece was not quite 1 meter, so I teamed it with some light denim chambray that a friend gave me.

Because the fabrics I used were so simple, I needed to add some interest with the pattern. I went with Simplicty 4168 as I really loved the soft delicate cowl and the French darts.

As you may already know, I go weak at the knees for elbow darts - and this dress has them!

Working with the Ponte was a dream. Why was I so afraid of it before now? And best yet, there is no fraying! I didn’t even hem my sleeves! How wondrous!

The skirt was merely a rectangle that I pleated onto the bodice. I used the selvedge edge as a hem. I was going to hem it initially, but I decided upon further inspection that I actually like the slightly frayed (yet controlled) rustic look it gave and left it. Plus, it matched the un-hemmed sleeves!

I have just about lived in this dress since its creation. It’s been through the wash and tumble dryer a couple times and not changed a bit. What a pleasure it is to have a dress that doesn’t need to be hand washed and dried flat!

I think perhaps I am now a jersey convert (for the thicker, non clingy stuff). But I’m sure there is loads I need to learn before delving in.

Do you often sew with Knits? Can you offer me some advice??

M x


  1. Gorgeous! If I had a dress like this, I too would live in it. The mix of fabric was an inspired idea!

  2. Really nice! Casual yet stylish.

  3. this dress is amazing molly! did you use an overlocker for any side seams or just normal sewing machine?

    1. Thanks Sofia! I just used my regular sewing machine, and finished the edge off with the over locker. Which I'm almost 100% certain is wrong eep :O! something with tension yeah? can you use an overlocker without straight stitching first?

  4. I love all the details on the bodice!
    Beautiful work

  5. Congrats on this awesome make! You most certainly can use an overlocker without straight-stitching first. Just remember that you will require either smaller seam allowances, or to cut off a chunk of your seam allowance as you overlock your seam. Make sure the tension on your left hand overlocker needle is pretty tight, so when the seam is stretched you won't see the stitching showing through.

    All the best and happy jersey stitching!
    Zoe x

    1. Thanks a million Zoe! Wise words, I'll be sure to remember them and put them into use :)

  6. I'm be honest- I barely can sew. But even someone who knows nothing of sewing can tell the workmanship put into this. And is so lovely. Perfect for beach walks!


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